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Transfer Policy

Transfer Policy

Management Transfer:

Before confirmation of service, an employee is liable to transfer to any needy branch as per vacancy position of the Branch.

Periodic Transfer Policy:

In places where more than one Branch is there:

1. A clerk after serving more than 5 years in a branch may be transferred to other branches in the same city/place.

2. A clerk after serving more than 10 years in a city/place, he is liable to transfer to any place outside the city, but within 40/100 .K.M.

* In other places (where only one branch is there):

1. A clerk after serving for more than 5 years in a particular branch, is liable to transferred outside the place, but within 40/100 .K.M.

* On transfer the employee may immediately Apply for transfer to the previous Branch or branches nearer to that branch .

* Following Categories of Employees are exempted from the Periodical Transfer Policy.

Male Employees who are 55 years of age and above.

Female Employees who are 50 years of age and above.


Widowers – One term of 5 years exemption will be given provided such Employees are having small and school going children.

Physically Handicapped Employees - as per the Government guidelines.

Employees with cardiac ailment who have undergone by-pass surgery / open heart surgery upto three years from the date of surgery and those affected/ suffering from paralysis.

Employees suffering from cancer and kidney ailment involving dialysis.

Employees having school going Mentally Retarded children - as per the Government guidelines.

Sports persons actively representing the Bank’s team at State and above level.

These exempted categories of Employees, however are liable to be transferred among the branches / offices within the same place /center.

Request Transfer Policy:

(applicable to Indian Bank. This may vary from Bank to Bank)

Eligibility: Can Apply for Transfer after confirmation.

Number of Request Transfers: 

5 request transfers, subject to ceiling 4 under General,2 under SJS,

2 under Inter State.

Application will be registered after six months/confirmation.

SJS requests will be considered after six months, but according to category rotation for the branch and availability of vacancy.

General request will be considered after 2 years, as per category rotation for the branch


You may be aware of the transfer Policy prevailing in our Bank.

However, I tried to clear some of the doubts arising in your mind.

There are three categories under which one can apply for transfer.

1. Repatriation on Periodical Transfer.

2. Spouse Joining Spouse.

3. General category

The first category is fast fading. Practically no request is pending in this category.

One can apply on confirmation of service.

The request will be registered as per dt. of receipt  at HRM dept. under the respective category.

SJS request will be considered after six months of service at a branch.

General transfer will be considered after two years of service in a branch.

Pl. note that these time frame is for becoming eligible for getting transfer, and not a guarantee that you will get transfer at the end of six months or two years as the case may be

• When you are informed that you are at No. 1 in the branch, it does not mean, that you are the next person to be posted to that branch.

• It means you are No.1 in the respective category.

• A vacancy can arise in a branch due to transfer, Promotion, resignation, retirement , death, dismissal of service etc.,

• Declaring number of vacancy at any time in a branch, is the sole discretion of Bank Management.

• How vacancies are filled?

• Filled in the order of RPT, SJS , and General category.

• For new opening branch order is SJS, General ,RPT

• For example a vacancy arise in a branch the No.1 in the RPT category will be posted.

• If there is no employee in RPT, then one in SJS will be posted.

• If the next vacancy arises , one in General category will be posted, as last time one SJS is posted.

• If the No.1 employee in General Category does not completed two years , then the chance will again goes to SJS only.  In this situation General category employee will complain that “ my juniors are getting transfers”

• Posting of clerks at the time of promotion from Sub staff to clerk, Periodical Transfers (management transfer on completion of 5/10 years of service in a branch), punishment transfer,reversal on officer to clerk, Compassionate appointment,

Posting of physically  Handicapped employee are management discretion .

  • These postings will supersede the above narrated rotations.

  • For New opening branches, seniority will be as per service seniority. 

  • If no eligible employees found, employees with less than 2 years of service will be posted in case of opening branch..

Where the dissatisfaction starts?

1. When an employee is waiting for more than one year , a new recruit is posted in the branch, with the reason that the employee has not completed two years of service. This is a wrong policy. We are not agreeing with it.

2. On recruitment, first vacancies in a zone should be filled with native candidates.

    Excess recruits may be posted to other Zones. What they did was Excess candidates in Coimbatore were posted to Salem Zone (for distance advantage.). Naturally a portion of Salem native candidates are posted in Dharmapuri Zone.  Now both set of candidates are waiting for transfer.

Joining Time:

Clerks are eligible for 6 days inclusive of intervening Holidays , but excluding the days spent on Journey/travel.

Can be availed immediately after relieving or within 3 months (with prior permission)

Joining time is eligible even for Request Transfer.

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